Hiromasa YONEBAYASHI 米林宏昌


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Based on Mary Norton’s “The Borrowers”, the new Ghibli masterpiece offers an unconventional view on life: A family of tiny people has been living in an old house for generations, borrowing life’s essentials from their unwitting hosts. When Arrietty, the daughter of the Borrowers, is discovered by the human boy Sho, a tender friendship develops, asking the question if a peaceful coexistence with us humans is possible.

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Arrietty (NC 2011)

Winner of the Nippon Cinema Award 2011
Winner of the Nippon Cinema Award 2011

Karigurashi no Arrietty

日本 2010

94 分


Keiko NIWA, 宮崎駿 Mary Nortonの小説を基に

Cécile Corbel

About Hiromasa YONEBAYASHI

Hiromasa YONEBAYASHI, born 1973 in Ishikawa prefecture, studied at the Kanagawa College of Art. After graduation he worked as an animator for the famous Studio Ghibli, where he contributed to films such as PRINCESS MONONOKE and the oscar-winning SPIRITED AWAY. With ARIETTY he debuted as director in 2010.