Mamoru HOSODA 細田守


Nippon Animation   ³ 

College student Hana falls in love with a 'wolf man' and gives birth to two children – Ame and Yuki. After her husband's death she decides to raise her children closer to nature and moves to the countryside. Here she faces the problems of providing for a family as a single mother while her children grow up as both humans and wolves.

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Okami kodomo no Ame to Yuki

日本 2012

117 分

About Mamoru HOSODA

Mamoru HOSODA, born in Toyama Prefecture in 1967, started his film career after graduating from Kanazawa Art College in 1991 as an animator for Toei Animation. In 1997, he directed the anime series GEGEGE NO KITARO. After directing his first feature-length film ONE PIECE: BARON OMATSURI AND THE SECRET ISLAND (2005), he joined the animation studio Madhouse, where he directed THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME (2006). In 2011, he co-founded Studio Chizu. He has since directed the multi-award-winning anime films WOLF CHILDREN (2012 / NC ’13), THE BOY AND THE BEAST (2015 / NC ’18) and MIRAI (2018 / NC ’19).