Nippon Visions   ½ 

In Tokyo’s Golden Gai district, Kasumi runs a bar called “Redemption”, living upstairs with her lover Gunji. One night, a woman named Toko visits the bar. Drinking too much, Toko ends up hooking up with a mysterious barfly. But she has a secret past with Kasumi's boyfriend Gunji. The hidden lives of four people gradually unfold.


日本 2014

86 分

About Shinji IMAOKA

Born in Osaka in 1965, Shinji IMAOKA attended Yokohama City University, but dropped out and entered Pink Film company Shishi Production in 1990. There he assisted directors like Takahisa ZEZE and Hisayasu SATO. In 1995, he realized his first feature film WAITING FOR THE COMET. IMAOKA belongs to the famous collective of pink film directors known as the “Seven Lucky Gods of Pink”.