ソロモンの偽証 前篇・事件

Nippon Cinema   ª 

When a 14­-year-­old falls off the roof of a school and dies, everything seems to point to a tragic suicide. But then a mysterious letter appears, accusing three of the students to have murdered the boy. When the letter is published, the events come thick and fast: there are more deaths at school! Finally, the students take the matter into their own hands and hold a court trial to find out the truth. A gripping mystery thriller, based on the novel by Miyuki MIYABE.

ソロモンの偽証 前篇・事件
Soromon no gisho: zenpen jiken

日本 2015

121 分


Izuru NARUSHIMA, born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1961, is a scriptwriter and director. He received many awards for his directorial debut THE HUNTER AND THE HUNTED (2004). In 2012, he won the Japanese Academy Award for Best Director and Best Picture for his movie REBIRTH.