Daishi MATSUNAGA 松永大司


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Art school graduate Hiroshi, having given up all his dreams, suddenly learns that he is suffering from advanced­staged cancer. At first he doesn’t seem to care about his diagnosis – until he meets a young student named Mai. PIETA IN THE TOILET is anything but a depressing cancer drama: poetic cinematography, subtle humor and an extraordinary cast make this life­affirming story truly something special.

Toire no pieta

日本 2015

120 分


松永大司 Osamu TEZUKAの日記を基に

Yoshihiro IKEUCHI

About Daishi MATSUNAGA

Daishi MATSUNAGA, born in Tokyo in 1974, started his career as an actor before he went on to direct music videos and commercials. His highly­ acclaimed documentary PYUUPIRU 2001-­2008 (2011 / NC ’10) was screened at several international film festivals. PIETA IN THE TOILET (2015 / NC ’16), which was awarded at the Yokohama Film Festival, was MATSUNAGA’s fiction film debut.