Nobuo MIZUTA 水田伸生

映画『ゆとりですがなにか インターナショナル』

Nippon Cinema   ª 

Masakazu, Yamaji, and Maribu belong to the so-called Yutori generation, notorious in Japan for its lack of ambition. Masakazu’s sake brewery is on the verge of bankruptcy, and his marriage is on the rocks. But the friends stick together. Nobuo MIZUTA’s comedy offers surprising twists and turns as the millennials navigate the turmoil of love, family, and career.

映画『ゆとりですがなにか インターナショナル』
Eiga “Yutori desu ga nani ka intanashonaru”

日本 2023

117 分

About Nobuo MIZUTA

Nobuo MIZUTA was born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1958. He started his career at Nippon Television Network Corporation, where he worked on numerous TV dramas. In 2006, he made his feature film debut BOY MEETS GHOST. Nippon Connection has screened his films NO MORE CRY!!! (2009 / NC ’10), TUG OF WAR! (2012 / NC ’13), and THE APOLOGY KING (2013 / NC ’14). WE’RE MILLENNIALS. GOT A PROBLEM?: THE MOVIE (2023 / NC ’24) is based on his 2016 TV series of the same title.