Takashi MIIKE 三池崇史

土竜の唄 FINAL

Nippon Cinema   ª 

Undercover agent Reiji has to stop Italian mobsters from smuggling drugs as Italian pasta, so called “speed-a-roni”, to Japan. Takashi MIIKE’s final film in the MOLE SONG trilogy is an over the top, insanely entertaining, no-holds-barred non-stop extravaganza that will blow your mind to pieces.

土竜の唄 FINAL
Mogura no uta Final

日本 2021

129 分


Kankuro KUDO Noboru TAKAHASHIの漫画を基に

Nobuyasu KITA


About Takashi MIIKE

Takashi MIIKE was born in Osaka Prefecture in 1960. During his studies at Yokohama Vocational School of Broadcast and Film, one of his teachers was famous director Shohei IMAMURA. Since his feature debut LADY HUNTER in 1991, MIIKE has created more than 100 films and TV series. Nippon Connection has kept a close eye on his career for almost 20 years, having screened his films ICHI THE KILLER (2001 / NC ’02), THE CITY OF LOST SOULS (2000 / NC ’02), THE HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURIS (2001 / NC ’03), LESSON OF THE EVIL (2012 / NC ’14 and NC ’20), and OVER YOUR DEAD BODY (2014 / NC ’15).