Atsushi SAKAHARA さかはらあつし


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On March 20th, 1995, a sarin gas attack by the Omu Shinrikyo cult killed 13 and injured more than 6,000 people on the Tokyo metro. For his documentary, survivor Atsushi SAKAHARA persuades one of the sect’s members to join him for a therapeutic journey into the past, during which the cultist's suppressive ideology starts to crack.

Aganai – Chikatetsu sarinjiken to watashi

日本 2020

114 分

Good People

Good Move Media

About Atsushi SAKAHARA

Atsushi SAKAHARA, born in Kyoto in 1966, studied at Kyoto University and initially worked in the advertising industry. Subsequently, he studied economics in the USA and produced the award-winning short film BEAN CAKE (2001) by David Greenspan. In 2012, he directed his first short film DON’T CALL ME FATHER. In 2015, he began working on his feature-length debut ME AND THE CULT LEADER (2020 / NC ’21). He is the founder of the production company Good People. As a victim of the sarin gas attack of the Omu Shinrikyo cult himself and a spokesperson for the recovery involving this terror attack, he is committed to the reappraisal of the incident.