Koki MITANI 三谷幸喜


Nippon Cinema   ª 

After a blow to the head, Japan’s unpopular prime minister does not remember who he is. Chased by political opponents, the clueless statesman uses unorthodox leadership to turn around his low approval ratings. Koki MITANI’s political satire celebrates the idealistic vision of a populist statesman and criticizes the power games behind closed doors.

Kioku ni gozaimasen!

日本 2019

127 分

About Koki MITANI

Koki MITANI, born in Tokyo in 1961, founded the theater group Tokyo Sunshine Boys as a student. Since graduating, he has written many plays and screenplays before making his first feature-length film, WELCOME BACK, MR. MCDONALD (1997). So far, Nippon Connection has screened his films OUR HOUSE (2001 / NC ’06), UNIVERSITY OF LAUGHS (2004 / NC ’06) and HIT ME ANYONE ONE MORE TIME (2019 / NC ’21).