Rikiya IMAIZUMI 今泉力哉


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Supported by a rural community of elders, a same-sex stepfamily finds strength for a custody battle and rediscovers love. Director Rikiya IMAIZUMI plays with antithetical concepts of parenthood and deeply ingrained stereotypes but never pushes an agenda.

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Winner of the Nippon Cinema Award 2021
Winner of the Nippon Cinema Award 2021

Family Matters Romance LGBTQ

About Rikiya IMAIZUMI

Rikiya IMAIZUMI, born in Fukushima Prefecture in 1981, made his commercial feature-length debut A FILM OF TAMA in 2010 after creating several short films. His feature films such as I CATCH A TERRIBLE CAT (2012), SAD TEA (2013), and THEIR DISTANCE (2015 / NC ’16) were screened at numerous international film festivals. With HIS (2020 / NC ’21), he won the NIPPON CINEMA AWARD 2021 at Nippon Connection.