Taku KATO 加藤拓

Kurara: The Dazzling Life Of Hokusai's Daughter

Nippon Docs   ¾ 

O-Ei lives and works alongside her father, the famous artist Katsushika HOKUSAI. This elaborate biopic follows the free-spirited paintress through love, loss, and the search for a style of her own.

ドイツ 2016

73 分


Mika OMORI Makate ASAIの小説を基に

About Taku KATO

Taku KATO, born in 1969 in Nara, has been working for the Japanese public broadcasting company NHK since 1991. His documentary KURARA: THE DAZZLING LIFE OF HOKUSAI`S DAUGHTER (2017) was shown on Nippon Connection 2018.