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Tokyo University of the Arts is the oldest national art university in Japan, with a history stretching back more than 130 years. The Graduate School of Film and New Media was established in Yokohama in 2005, and its Department of Animation was opened in 2008. We present a selection of the best current graduation films.

Wed., May 25 2022, 14:45

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Thu., May 26 2022, 22:15

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Mal Seh'n Kino


Animation Short

Stained SmellAmane ABE日本20222 Min.日本国外初上映
Fourth Period Swimming ClassMayo KOBAYASHI日本20226 Min.日本国外初上映
nowhereAsaki NISHINO日本20228 Min.日本国外初上映
3 Intestine Road, Fish IslandMoe WAKABAYASHI日本202217 Min.日本国外初上映
Boogerly LoveKano IKEDA日本20227 Min.日本国外初上映
919Tai ISHII日本20225 Min.日本国外初上映
Before DawnWei XU日本20227 Min.日本国外初上映
Poetics Of The GardenSachiyo KUROSAWA日本20227 Min.日本国外初上映
Winter StarJiayin CHEN日本20227 Min.日本国外初上映
Poo Down Hill UpYuta MASUDA日本20229 Min.日本国外初上映
InvisibleZeng Liang LIN日本20227 Min.日本国外初上映
Liminal ParkMoe KISHIMOTO日本20224 Min.日本国外初上映
HA・NA・KU・SOAmane ODA日本20228 Min.日本国外初上映
I Wanted To Be Wanted.higoAKARI日本202212 Min.日本国外初上映

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