Nippon Shorts II: Stories of Youth

Nippon Visions   ½ 

Five short films about the difficulties of growing up and the rebellion against it. SCHOOL RADIO TO MAJOR TOM is a ballad about unspoken longings. LAST JUDGEMENT deals with the rivalry between two aspiring artists. In FUNNY, nobody is too excited about the protagonist’s grimaces. WAO answers the question “How does love work?” from the perspective of aliens. Finally, the playful animation-live-action-hybrid MANGA GIRLS shows an unexpected friendship.

Keisuke SAKUMA, Takashi OKADO

Fri., May 27 2022, 17:15

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Mal Seh'n Kino

Keisuke SAKUMA氏登壇予定


Short Stories Of Youth

こちら放送室よりトム少佐へこちら放送室よりトム少佐へTakuya CHISAKA日本202010 Min.ドイツ初上映
最後の審判最後の審判Shinya KAWAKAMI日本201928 Min.ヨーロッパ初上映
FunnyKeisuke SAKUMA日本202132 Min.ヨーロッパ初上映
WaoEmi YASUMURA日本202025 Min.ドイツ初上映
マンガガールズマンガガールズTakashi OKADO, Yuki KEDOIN日本202110 Min.ドイツ初上映