Calf Animation Special

Nippon Visions   ½ 

In the last years the independent animation film is becoming more popular and successful at international festivals. In 2010 the animation film critic Nobuaki DOI and the animation filmmakers Mirai MIZUE, Jun WADA and Kei OYAMA there-fore launched the label CALF as an independent DVD label in order to promote Japanese independent animation film domestically as well as internationally. Nippon Connection presents a compilation program curated by Nobuaki DOI.

Nobuaki DOI, Mirai MIZUE

Fri., April 29 2011, 18:00

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Nobuaki DOI氏、Mirai MIZUE氏登壇予定

Hand SoapKei OYAMA日本200816 Min.
Consultation RoomKei OYAMA日本20059 Min.
In A Pig's Eye和田淳日本201010 Min.
The Mechanism Of Spring和田淳日本20104 Min.
PlaygroundMirai MIZUE日本20104 Min.
TatampMirai MIZUE日本20106 Min.
PiKA PiKA 2007TOCHKA日本20075 Min.
StepsTOCHKA日本20102 Min.
BelugaShin HASHIMOTO日本20116 Min.
Getting DressedAiko KITAMURA日本20109 Min.
MaggotSaori SHIROKI日本20073 Min.
A Gum BoyMasaki OKUDA日本20104 Min.
AngelNaoyuki TSUJI日本20085 Min.
Gentle MarchWataru UEKUSA日本20114 Min.
陽子陽子Kayo NARITOMI日本201026 Min.