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Tokyo University of the Arts is the first national art university in Japan, with a history of more than 120 years. The Graduate School of Film and New Media was established in Yokohama in 2005, and its Department of Animation was started in 2008. There are four professors and research fields for 32 students. The curriculum is dedicated to education and research with an emphasis on “creation”. During their two-year Masters program, students direct short animations using a wide variety of techniques. In 2010, the Department was recognized as the “Best Animation School” at the Zagreb World Animation Festival, and for the “Best Animation School Showreel” at Ottawa International Animation Festival.
For the second time, Nippon Connection shows the ten best graduation films. This year the works are presented by Oscar-nominated animation filmmaker and professor at the University of the Arts, Koji YAMAMURA.

山村 浩二

Thu., May 29 2014, 17:30

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山村 浩二監督登壇予定

日々の罪悪日々の罪悪Yewon KIM日本2014英語字幕7:38 Min.
花芽花芽Saki NAKANO日本2014英語字幕5:52 Min.
パモンパモンKazushige TOMA日本2014英語字幕9:45 Min.
ミセズ・カバゴジラーミセズ・カバゴジラーMoe KOYANO日本2014英語字幕9:26 Min.
ひとりぼっちのヒーローひとりぼっちのヒーローManami WAKAI日本2014英語字幕7:40 Min.
00:08Yutaro KUBO日本2014英語字幕5:19 Min.
澱みの騒ぎ澱みの騒ぎOnohana日本2014英語字幕10:54 Min.
おでかけおでかけAyaho KAWAKAMI日本2014英語字幕5:08 Min.
コップの中の子牛コップの中の子牛Yantong ZHU日本2014英語字幕11:03 Min.

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