Sarah APPLETON サラ・アップルトン

Jasper SHARP ジャスパー・シャープ

The J-Horror Virus

Nippon Docs   ¾ 

Flickering TVs, disturbing sounds, faces distorted with fear: In the mid-1990s, young directors reinterpreted the classic Japanese horror film. Sarah APPLETON and Jasper SHARP dedicate their documentary to central J-horror filmmakers such as Takashi SHIMIZU (JU-ON) and Kiyoshi KUROSAWA (PULSE), exploring the genesis of the genre.

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サラ・アップルトン, ジャスパー・シャープ

Thu., May 30, 2024, 22:00

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ヨーロッパ初上映 サラ・アップルトン監督、 ジャスパー・シャープ監督登壇



Crossing Borders Documentary Horror

日本, 英国 2023

95 分

J Horror

About Sarah APPLETON

Sarah APPLETON, born 1992 in East Sussex, UK, is a director and producer of several documentary films about the history of genre cinema. She directed THE J-HORROR VIRUS (2023 / NC ’24) together with documentary director, film scholar, and curator Jasper SHARP.

About Jasper SHARP

Jasper SHARP, born 1971 in Devon, UK, is a director of documentaries, film scholar, and curator for film festivals. He has published several books and many articles on Japanese cinema, and, in 2000, co-founded the website, dedicated to Japanese cinema, with Tom MES. He directed THE J-HORROR VIRUS (2023 / NC ’24) together with documentary director and producer Sarah APPLETON.