Tetsuya NAKASHIMA 中島哲也

The World Of Kanako

Best Of Nippon Connection   ² 

When the lovely Kanako disappears, her latently psychotic father goes on the search for her, discovering a cesspool of sex, violence and malice. Tetsuya NAKASHIMA treads into morally ambivalent waters, sparing neither his protagonists nor his audience. Enter the world of Kanako at your own risk and prepare for a cynical, amoral and excessively violent trip – with no return ticket.


Tue., June 09, 2020

Sun., June 14, 2020

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FSK 18


Violence Gangster Thriller


日本 2014

118 分

About Tetsuya NAKASHIMA

Tetsuya NAKASHIMA was born in Fukuoka in 1959. In 2005, he was awarded as Best Director at the Yokohama Film Festival for KAMIKAZE GIRLS (2004 / NC ’05). His film CONFESSIONS was Japan’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2011 Academy Awards. In addition to KAMIKAZE GIRLS, Nippon Connection showed his films HAPPY-GO-LUCKY (1997 / NC ’04) and THE WORLD OF KANAKO (2014 / NC ’15 and NC ’20).