Nippon Shorts I: Family & Romance

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Our shorts program FAMILY & ROMANCE highlights the facets of human relations. In FAREWELL WEDDING DRESS, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, a reporter is stuck in a wedding dress. LAYERS examines the relationship of a married couple, while a boy blames himself for his grandfather’s death in A STRAND OF REGRET. WEDDING ANNIVERSARY features a married zombie, and the title of ONE MINUTE WALK TO LOVE IN COSPLAY already tells it all.

Kyusaku ICHIDA

Wed., June 07 2023, 17:30

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Mal Seh'n Kino

Kyusaku ICHIDA監督登壇予定


Comedy Romance Short

さよならウェディングドレス そして、またいつかさよならウェディングドレス そして、またいつかKyusaku ICHIDA日本2021英語字幕25 Min.日本国外初上映
Layers内山拓也日本2021英語字幕11 Min.ドイツ初上映
じいのけじいのけHisato MICHIGAMI日本2021英語字幕23 Min.日本国外初上映
Wedding AnniversaryTakafumi SAKABE日本2021英語字幕7 Min.ドイツ初上映
徒歩1分のコス徒歩1分のコスRyosuke TANAKA日本2022英語字幕15 Min.日本国外初上映