Yuichiro SAKASHITA 坂下雄一郎

On Demand: The Sunday Runoff

Nippon Cinema   ª 

A comedy about how the world of politics really works! Tsutomu is a secretary for a member of the Japanese Parliament. After the latter suffers a heart attack, his daughter Yumi is chosen to fill his place in the next election because she seems easy to control. However, her unpredictable behavior soon throws the campaign out of control.


Mon., May 30, 2022

Mon., June 06, 2022

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Nippon Connection On Demand

Kessen wa nichiyobi

日本 2021

105 分

About Yuichiro SAKASHITA

Yuichiro SAKASHITA, born in Hiroshima in 1986, studied first at Osaka University of Arts, later at Tokyo University of the Arts. He began his career as a director with his short film BEATLES in 2011, winning an award at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. KANAGAWA UNIVERSITY OF FINE ARTS, OFFICE OF FILM RESEARCH (2013 / NC ’14) was his graduation film as well as his first feature film. His second feature film ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS (2017) marked his entry into mainstream cinema and had its premiere at the Shanghai International Film Festival.