Tadasuke KOTANI 小谷忠典

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Atsushi SUWA, a painter, is offered a contract to paint a portrait of a couple’s deceased son. In order to learn about him, he studies photos of him and draws the faces of his family and a friend, who talk about their memories. Filmmaker Tadasuke KOTANI follows this approach of the artist to create a deep, moving documentary about the power of memory.

Mon., May 30, 2022

Mon., June 06, 2022

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日本 2022

50 分

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About Tadasuke KOTANI

Tadasuke KOTANI, born in Osaka in 1977, first studied painting and then film at Visual Arts College Osaka. His directorial debut LULLABY (2002) was awarded at the Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival. In 2008, he made his first feature-length documentary film LINE, which won the Cult Award at the 2009 Torino Film Festival. His second documentary THE CAT THAT LIVED A MILLION TIMES (2012) premiered at the Busan International Film Festival. In 2020, Nippon Connection screened his experimental feature film TAMARAN HILL (2019).