Mikio NARUSE 成瀬巳喜男

The Approach Of Autumn

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After the passing of his father, Hideo moves to Tokyo with his mother. Already finding it hard to adapt to life in the big city, he also has to live at his uncle’s while his mother works at an inn. He befriends a girl named Junko, but their difficult family situation puts their friendship to the test. Mikio NARUSE’s THE APPROACH OF AUTUMN is a coming-of-age story of two children who must realize that their dreams can be thwarted by their parents at any time.

Fri., May 27, 2022, 20:00

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Kino des DFF


35mm, 英語字幕

Stories Of Youth

Aki tachinu

日本 1960

80 分


Japan Foundation

Nobuko OTOWA, Kenzaburo OSAWA, Kamatari FUJIWARA, Natsuko KAHARA, Yosuke NATSUKI

About Mikio NARUSE

1905 – 1969

協力:Japan Foundation Tokyo 、 Japanisches Kulturinstitut (The Japan Foundation)