Akihiko SHIOTA 塩田明彦


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12-year-old Koichi, raised in a sect named “Nirvana”, has just escaped from a juvenile detention center when he inadvertently saves Yuki, a girl the same age as him, from a sexual assault. The two embark on a journey through the country, since Koichi hopes to reunite with his sister in Tokyo. Inspired by the 1995 gas attacks by the Omu Shinrikyo sect, Akihiko SHIOTA tells the story of two outsiders who have to find their place in a hostile society.

Sun., May 29, 2022, 20:30

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Kino des DFF

35mm, 英語字幕

Stories Of Youth


日本 2004

132 分

Asmik Ace

Japan Foundation

Hoshi ISHIDA, Mitsuki TANIMURA, Hidetoshi NISHIJIMA, Miyako KODA, Ryo

About Akihiko SHIOTA

Akihiko SHIOTA, born in Kyoto in 1961, studied at Rikkyo University, shooting some of his first short films together with Kiyoshi KUROSAWA. His two first feature films were invited to the Locarno Film Festival 1999. Following films like HARMFUL INSECT (2001) or I JUST WANNA HUG YOU (2014) were successful not only in Japan, but internationally as well, receiving numerous awards.

協力:Japan Foundation Tokyo 、 Japanisches Kulturinstitut (The Japan Foundation)