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NIPPON CONNECTION presents a colorful assortment of short films of every genre. Ranging from a short documentary about the protests in Hong Kong (MONTAGE OF HONG KONG) or a touching contemplation on growing old together (BIRDLAND) all the way to an experimental animated film (WEATHER MAP).

Tue., June 01 2021,

Sun., June 06 2021,

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Montage Of Hong KongIkuma HORI日本2020英語字幕28 Min.ヨーロッパ初上映
O-Bon, Anecdotes From KyotoJénay Vogelスイス2021英語字幕10 Min.ドイツ初上映
Where Bibi Went小谷忠典日本2020英語字幕15 Min.世界初上映
Lucky Owl With ShimakoYoko KUNO, 山下敦弘日本2020台詞なし1 Min.ヨーロッパ初上映
IdolRyushi LINDSAY日本2020英語字幕21 Min.ドイツ初上映
Weather MapNana KAWABATA日本2021台詞なし9 Min.ドイツ初上映
BirdlandTakeshi KOGAHARA日本2019英語字幕20 Min.ヨーロッパ初上映