Films shown at Nippon Connection

Blue Hour, Japan 2019 (Cinematography) NC19
Over The Fence, Japan 2016 (Cinematography) NC17
My Man, Japan 2014 (Cinematography) NC15
Summer's End, Japan 2013 (Cinematography) NC14
A Story Of Yonosuke, Japan 2012 (Cinematography) NC13
The Kirishima Thing, Japan 2012 (Cinematography) NC13
My Back Page, Japan 2011 (Cinematography) NC12
Saya Zamurai, Japan 2011 (Cinematography) NC12
Abraxas, Japan 2010 (Cinematography) NC11
Permanent Nobara, Japan 2010 (Cinematography) NC11
Sketches Of Kaitan City, Japan 2010 (Cinematography) NC11
Annyong Yumika, Japan 2009 (Cinematography) NC10
Bare Essence Of Life, Japan 2009 (Cinematography) NC10
Non-ko, Japan 2008 (Cinematography) NC09
Punch The Blue Sky, Japan 2008 (Cinematography) NC09
A Gentle Breeze In The Village, Japan 2007 (Cinematography) NC08
Family Matters, Japan 2007 (Cinematography) NC08
1+1-1, Japan 1999 (Cinematography) NC03
No One's Ark, Japan 2002 (Cinematography) NC03
Hazy Life, Japan 1999 (Cinematography) NC00