Mari ASATO was born in Okinawa in 1976. She started her career in 1999 as a photographer under Kiyoshi KUROSAWA during the filming of BARREN ILLUSIONS. After working as an assistant director, among others for Hiroshi TAKAHASHI and Akihiko SHIOTA, she made her feature film debut in 2004 with GIRLS FOR INDEPENDENCE, which was screened at Nippon Connection Film Festival in 2005, alongside her short film THE BOY FROM HELL. Since then, she has directed several feature films, mostly in the genre field, with an emphasis on horror.

Films shown at Nippon Connection

Under Your Bed, Japan 2019 (Director) NC20
Under Your Bed, Japan 2019 (Script) NC20
Girls For Independence, Japan 2004 (Director) NC05
The Boy From Hell, Japan 2004 (Director) NC05

Events at Nippon Connection

Film Talk: Mari ASATO, NC20

Guest at Nippon Connection

Hideshi HINOs »Theater of Horror«, NC05