Films shown at Nippon Connection

HOYAMAN, Japan 2023 (Cast) NC24
Roleless, Japan 2022 (Cast) NC23
The Name, Japan 2017 (Cast) NC18
Be The World For Her, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC16
A Courtesan With Flowered Skin, Japan 2014 (Cast) NC15
The Warped Forest, Japan 2011 (Cast) NC13
There Is Light, Japan 2013 (Cast) NC13
mime-mime, Japan 2008 (Cast) NC09
Non-ko, Japan 2008 (Cast) NC09
The Unforgettable Detectives (Director's Cut), Japan 2002 (Cast) NC07
Love Kill Kill, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC05
Girls For Independence, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC05
The Boy From Hell, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC05
Small Elephant Cop, Japan (Director) NC04