Films shown at Nippon Connection

Okiku And The World, Japan 2022 (Music) NC23
Last Of The Wolves, Japan 2021 (Music) NC22
My Brother, The Android And Me, Japan 2020 (Music) NC22
Family Of Strangers, Japan 2019 (Music) NC21
Sea Of Revival, Japan 2019 (Music) NC21
Solomon's Perjury 1: Suspicion, Japan 2015 (Music) NC15
Solomon's Perjury 2: Judgment, Japan 2015 (Music) NC15
Jinx!!!, Japan 2013 (Music) NC14
The Snow White Murder Case, Japan 2014 (Music) NC14
See You Tomorrow, Everyone, Japan 2013 (Music) NC13
Heaven's Story, Japan 2010 (Music) NC11
A Night In Nude – Salvation, Japan 2010 (Music) NC11
Talk, Talk, Talk, Japan 2007 (Music) NC09
Raigyo, Japan 1997 (Music) NC09
Three For The Road, Japan 2007 (Music) NC08
Yuda, Japan 2004 (Music) NC05
Dog Star, Japan 2001 (Music) NC03
Bastoni – The Stick Handlers, Japan 2001 (Music) NC02