Yonghi YANG ヤンヨンヒ(梁英姫)

Our Homeland


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Yonghi YANG transforms her childhood experience as the daughter of a North Korean family into the touching story of 31-year-old Rie and shares with us the trauma of a whole generation of Korean exiles in Japan. Rie's brother who grew up abroad returns for a short time to Japan and resting family wounds reappear together with Rie's desperate hope for her brother to stay.

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100 minutes

Yonghi YANG

Yonghi YANG

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About Yonghi YANG

Yonghi YANG was born in Osaka in 1964 as a second-generation Korean. She studied Korean literature at Korea University in Tokyo and media studies in New York. She has worked as a teacher, actress, radio host and foreign correspondent for TV. Having made documentary films since 1995, she gave her fictional film directing debut in 2012 with OUR HOMELAND (NC ’12). Her films have been screened and awarded at many international film festivals. After the documentaries DEAR PYONGYANG (2005 / NC ’06) and SONA, THE OTHER MYSELF (2009 / NC ’10), SOUP AND IDEOLOGY (2021 / NC ’23) is the final part of a trilogy about her family’s Korean heritage.