Hiromasa YONEBAYASHI 米林宏昌

Mary And The Witch's Flower


Nippon Animation   ³ 

Little Mary Smith moves to her great-aunt where she finds a magic flower: it turns her normal brush into a witches’ broom. It leads Mary to a secret witch academy above the clouds where her quiet life is turned upside down very quickly. For MARY AND THE WITCH’S FLOWER, Hiromasa YONEBAYASHI cooperated with Studio Ponoc, founded by former Ghibli-animators.

Meari to majo no hana

Japan 2017

102 minutes

About Hiromasa YONEBAYASHI

Hiromasa YONEBAYASHI, born 1973 in Ishikawa prefecture, studied at the Kanagawa College of Art. After graduation he worked as an animator for the famous Studio Ghibli, where he contributed to films such as PRINCESS MONONOKE and the oscar-winning SPIRITED AWAY. With ARIETTY he debuted as director in 2010.