Taku AOYAGI 青柳拓

Tokyo Uber Blues


Nippon Docs   ¾ 

Taku AOYAGI, a young documentary filmmaker, has just graduated when the Covid-19 pandemic breaks out in spring 2020. Debt-ridden, he decides to take a job as an Uber Eats delivery man. Riding through the empty streets of Tokyo on a bicycle, he documents his own precarious working conditions, as well as a deadlocked metropolis filled with loneliness.

Tokyo jitensha bushi

Japan 2022

93 minutes

World sales

About Taku AOYAGI

Taku AOYAGI, born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1993, studied at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image. In 2018, he premiered his graduation film THE ROAD HE WALKS: A STORY OF HE-KUN (2017 / NC ’18) internationally at Nippon Connection. TOKYO UBER BLUES (2022 / NC ’23) is his first feature-length documentary.