Tetsuichiro TSUTA 蔦 哲一朗

The Song Of Rain


Nippon Visions   ½ 

Two men share a self-sustaining house in the Japanese countryside. Tera is used to the country life, while the intellectual city dweller Jin still has to learn a lot and starts reading poems and books about nature.Tetsuichiro TSUTA’s meditative black-and-white 16mm film prompts reflections on our relationship with nature.

Ame no uta

Japan 2021

45 minutes

Tetsuichiro TSUTA

Tetsuichiro TSUTA

Yutaka AOKI

About Tetsuichiro TSUTA
蔦 哲一朗

Tetsuichiro TSUTA, born in Tokushima Prefecture in 1984, studied film at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He shot and developed his first film ISLAND OF DREAMS (2008 / NC ’10) on 16mm in black and white. THE TALE OF IYA (2013 / NC ’14) was screened and awarded at numerous international festivals. It was followed by TAMANO VISUAL POETRY COLLECTION: NAGISA’S BICYCLE (2021), which was screened at Torino Film Festival.