Pascal-Alex Vincent

Satoshi KON, The Illusionist


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After his untimely death in 2010, anime director Satoshi KON left behind a modest body of work, but his influence cannot be overstated. Pascal-Alex Vincent has created a career-spanning portrait, in which all of KON’s works are covered. In addition, numerous fellow artists give a deep insight into the work and mind of an exceptional filmmaker.

KON Satoshi – Yumemiru hito

France, Japan 2021

82 minutes

World sales
Carlotta Films

About Pascal-Alex Vincent

Pascal-Alex Vincent, born in France in 1967, first worked at Alive, a French distributor of Japanese films, before he began directing himself. He made music videos, documentaries, television features and one feature-length film, GIVE ME YOUR HAND (2008). Vincent already dedicated a documentary to another outstanding personality of Japanese pop culture with MIWA: A JAPANESE ICON (2010).