Tetsuya MARIKO

Destruction Babies


Nippon Cinema   ª 

18-year-old Taira regularly provokes strangers into fist fights. He is soon joined by high schooler Yuya, who pushes him towards ever more senseless acts of violence. This uncompromising film paints an extremely pessimistic image of Japanese society, where aimless youths lose themselves in a spiral of violence while being cheered on by the media.


Japan 2016

104 minutes

Tetsuya MARIKO

Tetsuya MARIKO, Kohei KIYASU

Yasuyuki SASAKI

About Tetsuya MARIKO

Tetsuya MARIKO was born in Tokyo in 1981. He studied at Hosei University, Image Forum and Tokyo University of the Arts. His first short film THE FAR EAST APARTMENT (2003) received numerous prizes, while his graduation feature film at Tokyo University of the Arts YELLOW KID (2009) was screened at various film festivals. He was invited to Locarno for the first time with his short film NINIFUNI.