Kazuya SHIRAISHI 白石和彌

Birds Without Names


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Even though he abused her and she hasn’t seen him for eight years, Towako still pines for her ex-boyfriend Kurosaki, and despises her current partner, Jinji. When she begins having an affair with a married man, she realizes she’s being spied on. At the same time, she also learns that Kurosaki has been missing for several years. This dark tale of dysfunctional relationships is carried by a strong cast led by Yu AOI.

Kanojo ga sono na o shiranai toritachi

Japan 2017

123 minutes


Taeko ASANO based on a novel by Mahokaru NUMATA

Takahiro HAIBARA

About Kazuya SHIRAISHI

Kazuya SHIRAISHI, born in Hokkaido Prefecture in 1974, worked as an assistant director for Koji WAKAMATSU, Isao YUKISADA and Isshin INUDO. LOST PARADISE IN TOKYO (2010) was his directorial debut. His films have been shown at the most important international film festivals and have won numerous awards. The Nippon Connection Film Festival has screened many of his films, such as BIRDS WITHOUT NAMES (2017 / NC ’18), THE BLOOD OF WOLVES (2018 / NC ’19), DARE TO STOP US (2018 / NC ’19) and LAST OF THE WOLVES (2021 / NC ’22).