Shunji IWAI 岩井俊二


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Coco, a dark angel wrapped in crow's feathers, is committed to a closed institution by her parents, where she meets Saturn and Tsumuji. Together they undertake expeditions on the prison wall and even try to escape by extending their walks to adjacent walls. Believing that the world will soon end, the trio decides to break out once again, to have a picnic in a suitable place and watch the end of the world. Shunji IWAI, one of the most interesting and productive artists in young Japanese cinema, likes to devote his films to people who live on the fringes of society. In PICNIC they try to put these "losers" away, an act the trio avoids by fleeing to the wall. It is the only place "between" the institution and society, where they can move freely and from which they, as "outsiders", view their surroundings and life itself.

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Picnic (NC 2000)

Japan 1995

72 minutes

Shunji IWAI

Shunji IWAI



About Shunji IWAI

Shunji IWAI, born in Miyagi Prefecture in 1963, graduated from Yokohama National University. After beginning his directing career with commercials, TV dramas and music videos in 1988, his feature debut LOVE LETTER (1995) became a commercial and critical success and received numerous awards. The teen drama ALL ABOUT LILY CHOU-CHOU (2001 NC ’02) brought him international renown. He has already made several films outside Japan, with VAMPIRE (2011) having been his first English-language film. In addition to writing and directing his films, IWAI often composes his own scores.