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Mika, who lives in Tokyo, spends her summer vacations in a small, sleepy town. She waits there for her boyfriend, who however does not show up. Then there is Yuka, who is plagued by lovesickness, and Ken, who works as a night porter in a hotel. Ken ends up in bed with Yuka, while he also tries to revive his former affair with Mika. The delicate love triangle is disturbed by Tatsu. Ken's sandbox buddy is on the run from debt collectors. In his desperation, he plans to rob an armored car.

About Hiroshi OKUHARA

Hiroshi OKUHARA, born in 1968, shot many 8 and 16mm films (he won the PIA Film Festival in 1993 with his 8mm film PICNIC). His first film TIMELESS MELODIE was very successful internationally and won the Grand Prize at the Pusan International Film Festival in 1999.