Takashi MIIKE 三池崇史

Ichi The Killer

Nippon Cinema   ª 

Kakihara, super-masochist, Yakuza-killer and extreme piercing fan (congenially embodied by Tadanobu ASANO in colorful pimp-look) is supposed to clear up the disappearance of his boss and comes across the mysterious Ichi, who in a kinky superhero outfit organizes one massacre after another among the competing Yakuza clans. Could he be the one to bring him the long awaited painful end? MIIKE stages his story over long stretches as a downright cheerful splatter comic with absurdly exaggerated excesses of violence, but he is quite serious about the hopelessness and desperation of his characters. In Ichi, MIIKE succeeds in an almost ingenious way in linking sadness as a fixed component increasingly more strongly with the absurdly exaggerated and once again, sitting between all chairs, breaking with all viewing habits and genre conventions. Besides, some New Japanese Cinema heroes like Shinya TSUKAMOTO (TETSUO) or SABU (MONDAY) shine in supporting roles.

Japan 2000

129 minutes

Takashi MIIKE

Sakichi SATO based on a comic by Hideo YAMAMOTO


Karera Musication

About Takashi MIIKE

Takashi MIIKE was born in Osaka Prefecture in 1960. During his studies at Yokohama Vocational School of Broadcast and Film, one of his teachers was famous director Shohei IMAMURA. Since his feature debut LADY HUNTER in 1991, MIIKE has created more than 100 films and TV series. Nippon Connection has kept a close eye on his career for almost 20 years, having screened his films ICHI THE KILLER (2001 / NC ’02), THE CITY OF LOST SOULS (2000 / NC ’02), THE HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURIS (2001 / NC ’03), LESSON OF THE EVIL (2012 / NC ’14 and NC ’20), and OVER YOUR DEAD BODY (2014 / NC ’15).