Kazuyuki IZUTSU 井筒和幸

Amateur Singing Contest


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Nodo Jiman comes town! The competition is tough in this amateur singing contest, which has been organized by the Japanese television station NHK for 53 years, as out of 4,000 applicants only 20 make it to the finale. The aging singer Reiko expects new popularity from the competition, while singing means everything to the unemployed Keisuke besides the prospect of his own yakitori stand, and Rika, on the other hand, has enough problems with her family.

Nodo jiman

Japan 1999

112 minutes

Kazuyuki IZUTSU

Teruo ABE, Kazuyuki IZUTSU

Takeshi HAMADA

About Kazuyuki IZUTSU

Kazuyuki IZUTSU, born in Nara in 1952, began in the pink film field in 1970 after numerous 8mm films and directed his first feature film in this genre in 1975. In 1981, the Directors Guild of Japan honored him for EMPIRE OF KIDS, and several major successes followed. In 2006, his film BREAK THROUGH! was nominated for the Japanese Academy Awards. IZUTSU is known for his provocative statements in TV shows.