Shinobu YAGUCHI 矢口史靖

Swing Girls

Nippon Cinema   ª 

After causing the sickness of the schools' brass band, Tomoko and her classmates have to substitute. Reluctantly they start to learn the instruments and soon they get to like the music. The day before the concert the former band is well again but the girls don`t want to stop playing.

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Swing Girls (NC 2007)

About Shinobu YAGUCHI

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1967, Shinobu YAGUCHI began shooting his first film on 8mm as a student at Tokyo Zokei University. In 1990, his short film THE RAIN WOMEN won the Grand Prize of the renowned PIA Film Festival. Through a scholarship, the festival enabled him to shoot his feature debut DOWN THE DRAIN (1993). With his comedies such as WATERBOYS (2001 / NC ’05), ROBO-G (2012 / NC ’14) and SURVIVAL FAMILY (2017 / NC ’17), he has also found international success.