The Pavillion Salamandre

Pavillion sanshouo

Nippon Cinema   ª 

This comic and manic suspense story revolves around a giant salamander named Kinjiro. THE PAVILLION SALAMAN DRE uses intense, wry humor to depict the entwining conspiracies and schemes between a crime syndicate, the Kinjiro Foundation, and four bickering sisters.

Pavillion sanshouo

Japan 2006

98 minutes

About Masanori TOMINAGA

Masanori TOMINAGA was born in Ehime Prefecture in 1975, and studied at the Nihon University College of Art. His thesis film DOLMEN (1999) received an honorable mention from the international jury at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. His short film VICUNAS (2002) won the Grand Prix at the Mito Short Film Festival. His feature film debut was THE PAVILLION SALAMANDRE (2006).