Tokachi TSUCHIYA 土屋トカチ

Replay: An Ant Strikes Back

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More than 5,000 people died from the ramifications of overworking in Japan between 2006 and 2017 – and this is only the official number. Rarely do Japanese employees stand up against exploitative working conditions, since the social pressure is too high. In his documentary, Tokachi TSUCHIYA follows the case of a moving company sales agent who decides to no longer accept illegal employment contract clauses and a humiliating work environment. Initially being just like an ant among others, he joins a labor union and fights not only for his own rights, but for the rights of all “ants” in Japan’s workforce.

Mon., March 01, 2021

Wed., March 31, 2021

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Original with English subtitles

Territories: Germany

Winner of the Nippon Online Award 2020
Winner of the Nippon Online Award 2020

Ari jigoku tengoku

Japan 2019

98 minutes



Masaya HIRAI

About Tokachi TSUCHIYA

Tokachi TSUCHIYA was born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1971. After and taking various jobs inside and outside of the film industry, he founded his own film production company Group Low Position, together with two colleague filmmakers, in 2006. His award-winning debut film A NORMAL LIFE, PLEASE (2008), a documentary about the working conditions of truck drivers, was screened at the Nippon Connection Film Festival in 2009.