Nippon Film­dinner: Ramen Shop

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In the enchanting hall of the Internationales Theater, we present a bite of culinary film culture: In the family drama RAMEN SHOP by award-winning filmmaker Eric KHOO, Masato, a young chef with a penchant for Japanese Noodle soups, discovers not only his family's secrets, but also the delicacies of Singaporean cuisine. The film screening will include a bento for each audience member (with a vegetarian option available).

Thu., May 30, 2019, 20:00

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Internationales Theater Frankfurt

Kazoku no reshipi

Japan, France, Singapore 2018

90 minutes


Fong Cheng TAN, Kim Ho WONG

Brian Gothong TAN

About Eric KHOO

Eric KHOO was born in Singapore in 1965 and studied film at the City Art Institute in Sydney. After a series of award-winning short films, he shot his first feature film MEE POK MAN (1995), which was shown at numerous festivals. KHOO was the first filmmaker from Singapore whose films were invited to big film festivals like Berlin, Venice, and Cannes. Among his best known works are BE WITH ME (2005) and the animated film TATSUMI (2011). Eric KHOO is also CEO of the production companies Zhao Wei Films and Gorylah Pictures.