Tea Workshop

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A Japanese proverb says, “A hot bath refreshes the body, a hot tea refreshes the mind.” Tea is more than just a drink in Japan. In her taster course, tea master Yumiko Ono-Wiesheu demonstrates the high art of the way of tea and shows you how to prepare and enjoy matcha tea at home in a traditional way.

To participate in the tea workshop, we recommend that you purchase a tea set so that you can participate in the activities at home. You can buy the tea set in the internet shop of Mrs. Ono-Wiesheu: It consists of a tea bowl, a tea spoon, a tea tin, a bamboo broom, a linen cloth, and a pack of Matcha tea "Wakamizu" directly from Kyoto. If you already have some of the items listed, you can also buy the missing utensils separately.

The workshop takes place online via Zoom.


Yumiko Ono-Wiesheu

Thu., June 11, 2020, 13:00

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Zoom Webinar

Duration: approx. 1.5 h

Workshop in German