Nippon Visions: Shorts

Nippon Visions   ½ 

NIPPON VISIONS: SHORTS presents a varied mix of Japanese short films, sometimes cheerful and light-hearted, sometimes serious and reflexive. Kicking off, the superhero CRAP-MAN in Hikaru TSUKUDA’s film has to accomplish a breathtaking mission. TRANSPARENT, THE WORLD IS. by Yuri MURAOKA explores mythical worlds in an experimental approach. CHIYO by Chiemi SHIMADA is a poetic filmic essay with the director’s grandmother at its center. In WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD by Tatsuya ISHII, the young protagonist must cope with the challenges of a difficult familial and social environment. TOKYO GIRL by Nebiro HASHIMOTO revolves around the impressions of a restless existence in the mega-city. Last but not least, WAAAH by Sawako KABUKI comprises the meaning of life in one minute.

Tue., June 09 2020,

Sun., June 14 2020,

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Original with English subtitles


English TitleJapaneseDirectorsCountriesYearLanguageDurationPremiere
CRAP-MANうんこマンHikaru TSUKUDAJapan2019Original with English subtitles3 Min.
Transparent, The World Is.透明な世界Yuri MURAOKAJapan2019no dialog7 Min.
ChiyoちよChiemi SHIMADAJapan, UK2019Original with English subtitles13 Min.
What A Wonderful Worldすばらしき世界Tatsuya ISHIIJapan2018Original with English subtitles41 Min.European premiere
Tokyo Girl東京少女Nebiro HASHIMOTOJapan2019Original with English subtitles8 Min.International premiere
WAAAHえーんSawako KABUKIJapan2018no dialog1 Min.