Hazumu SAKUTA 作田ハズム

Sumikkogurashi: The Patched-Up Toy Factory In The Woods

映画 すみっコぐらし ツギハギ工場のふしぎなコ

Nippon Kids   ¹ 

Looking for a lost button, Shirokuma and its friends come across a mysterious toy factory in the woods. After the owner invites them to work for him, they spend day after day manufacturing teddy bears, robots, and dolls. But hidden deep within the factory lies a secret. Actor Max BÖTTCHER provides live German dialog at the Nippon Connection screening of the third Sumikkogurashi adventure!

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Sumikkogurashi: The Patched-Up Toy Factory In The Woods

Sat., June 01, 2024, 15:45

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Mal Seh'n Kino

OmeU + German live synchronisation

Approved for all audiences

Animation Kids

映画 すみっコぐらし ツギハギ工場のふしぎなコ
Eiga sumikkogurashi tsugihagi kojo no fushigina ko

Japan 2023

70 minutes


Takashi SUMITA

World sales
Asmik Ace

Voice acting
Manami HONJO

About Hazumu SAKUTA

Hazumu SAKUTA was born in Chiba Prefecture in 1979 and has been working in the animated film industry since 2005. He is known for his anime series DAYAN THE CAT (2014–2019), MY LANDLORD AND ME (2020), and SPACE ACADEMY (2021–2023). SUMIKKOGURASHI: THE PATCHED-UP TOY FACTORY IN THE WOODS (2023 / NC ’24) is his first feature-length animated film.