Japanese Cinema Without Frontiers: Cross-Cultural Influences, Collaborations, And Co-Productions

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A lecture by Dr. Jasper SHARP

Japanese cinema has never been as insular as many assume. In this illustrated talk, Dr. Jasper SHARP will look at the rich, interrelated history of Japan’s cinema with that of the rest of the world. From the critical influence of Hollywood on early modernist directors such as Yasujiro OZU in the 1930s to the European arthouse on Teinosuke KINUGASA’s A PAGE OF MADNESS (1926). And from post-war crime dramas, Sukiyaki Westerns, and Nikkatsu’s 1960s Borderless Action range to overseas co-productions like Akira KUROSAWA’s Soviet-funded DERSU UZALA (1975), as well as many more recent cross-cultural exchanges.


Jasper SHARP

Sat., June 01, 2024, 19:00

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Mousonturm Studio 1

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Duration: approx. 1.5 h

Lecture in English

Crossing Borders