Takayuki HIRAO 平尾隆之

Yoyo & Nene – Die Magischen Schwestern


Nippon Kids   ¹ 

When Yoyo finds herself in contemporary Japan with all its mobile phones and TV sets, she couldn’t be more astonished. In the kingdom of magic, where she usually lives with her sister Nene, all these devices don’t exist. And many things go wrong there these days. Looking for a solution to the problems back home, she ends up in Tokyo where she meets the brothers Takahiro and Kensei. Their parents have been transformed into wobbly creatures just a while ago. Yoyo’s unexpected visit turns out to be their only hope to save them. A literally enchanting anime, inviting you to travel between Yoyo’s magic realm and the mundane reality.


Tue., June 09, 2020

Sun., June 14, 2020

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German dubbed version


Territories: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Animation Family

Majokko shimai no Yoyo to Nene

Japan 2013

101 minutes

Takayuki HIRAO

Kazuharu SATO based on a manga by Hirarin


Character Design

About Takayuki HIRAO

Takayuki HIRAO, born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1979, participated in MADHOUSE studio’s animation series TEXHNOLYZE (2003) and PARANOIA AGENT (2004). At the animation studio ufotable, he was involved in other TV series before he made his highly acclaimed feature-length directorial debut with the anime THE GARDEN OF SINNERS: PARADOX SPIRAL (2008). His second feature-length film was the anime GYO: TOKYO FISH ATTACK (2012), which was shown at numerous international festivals and enjoys cult status. MAGICAL SISTERS YOYO AND NENE (2013 / NC ’20) is his third directorial work.

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