Takahiro OMORI 大森貴弘

Sumikkogurashi: The Little Wizard In The Blue Moonlight

Nippon Animation   ³ 

According to a legend, every wish will come true on the night of the blue supermoon. Polar bear Shirokuma, dinosaur Tokage and their friends live in the corner of a room somewhere in this world. One day, they set out for a trip to see the blue supermoon and meet the five magical creatures who can fulfill their wishes. This is the beginning of a great adventure.


Sat., June 10, 2023, 16:00

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Mal Seh'n Kino

Sold out

European premiere

Original with German live synchronisation

Approved for all audiences

Animation Fantasy Kids

映画 すみっコぐらし 青い月夜のまほうのコ
Eiga sumikko gurashi aoi tsukiyo no maho no ko

Japan 2021

65 minutes

Takahiro OMORI


World sales
Asmik Ace

Voice acting
Yoshihiko INOHARA, Manami HONJO

About Takahiro OMORI

Takahiro OMORI, born in Tokyo prefecture in 1965, has been working as an animation director, storyboard writer and animator since 1984. Since 1996, he has directed various anime series including HELL GIRL (2005), NATSUME’S BOOK OF FRIENDS (2008) and DURARARA!! (2010). His film INTO THE FOREST OF THE FIREFLIES’ LIGHT (2011) was invited to various international film festivals. SUMIKKOGURASHI: THE LITTLE WIZARD IN THE BLUE MOONLIGHT (2021 / NC ’23) is the second feature adaptation of a well-known Japanese franchise.