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Sat., June 02 2018, 12:30

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NAXOS Cinema

Taku AOYAGI 青柳拓

The Road He Walks: A Story of He-Kun


Hidehiko, also known as He-kun, is 38 years old and lives with his mother in the provincial city of Ichikawamisato, famous for its paper production and spectacular fireworks. He spends each day wandering the streets, doing odd jobs here and there. Taku AOYAGI brings us the story of a very normal, but also very special, person.

International premiere

Hiikun no aruku machi

Japan 2017

47 minutes


Mitsumasa YAMANOME

About Taku AOYAGI

Taku AOYAGI, born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1993, studied at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image. In 2018, he premiered his graduation film THE ROAD HE WALKS: A STORY OF HE-KUN (2017 / NC ’18) internationally at Nippon Connection. TOKYO UBER BLUES (2022 / NC ’23) is his first feature-length documentary.

Hayato OBIKI

Crossing Road


Several people were killed or injured in an attack in the Tokyo district Akihabara in 2008. Via an exchange of letters between the attacker and one of the survivors, Hayato OBIKI attempts to find some sort of reasoning or motivation behind these terrible attacks. Is it possible to discover the “true” personality of the attacker?

European premiere


Japan 2015

44 minutes

Hayato OBIKI