Allegra Pacheco

On Demand: Salaryman

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When Costa Rican artist and photographer Allegra Pacheco travels to Japan for a few months, the first thing she notices is men in suits sleeping on the streets at night. She wants to find out what this phenomenon is all about and explores the peculiarities of the Japanese working world and its motto of “ganbaru”: “to persevere”.


Mon., May 30, 2022

Mon., June 06, 2022

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Original with English subtitles

Territories: Germany

Nippon Connection On Demand


Japan 2021

80 minutes

Allegra Pacheco

Eduardo Uribe, Allegra Pacheco

James IHA

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Allegra Pacheco

About Allegra Pacheco

The artist and photographer Allegra Pacheco was born in Costa Rica in 1986. She studied at the Wimbledon Faculty of Arts and at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her works have been exhibited in Japan, Spain, Costa Rica and the United States. Her first documentary film SALARYMAN had its world premiere at the Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival in 2021.